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  • Simplify edge-to-core realtime data capture, transition, and processing using Ably and Aerospike

    By: Andra Dinu 3 min read

    We are excited to announce our partnership with Aerospike, the world leading realtime data platform, to solve intermittent connectivity, massive scale, and real-time processing challenges for organizations looking to deploy realtime digital experiences at global scale.

    What problem do Ably and Aerospike solve together?

    As 5G rolls out and the amount of realtime data produced by users and companies continues to soar exponentially, everyone is racing to create and deploy the new generation of edge applications. Whether it’s FinTech, online sports and gaming apps, ticket booking platforms, HealthTech or IoT/Connected devices, building such a high-value, high-trust event-driven application requires a realtime infrastructure that:

    • Is highly available and scalable, so it can cope with millions of concurrent users
    • Is fault-tolerant both at a local and global level, so it can provide continuity of service even with multiple failures and outages
    • Operates at low latencies, so the the features and products built on top of it can provide a great user experience and reduce they company’s exposure to risk
    • Provides data integrity end-to-end for superior quality of service
    • Is easy to expand and makes it as easy as possible to build new features and products on

    To have such an infrastructure, you must ensure that your entire system operates at the same standards. A high-speed, high availability and high performance data platform such as Aerospike will enable you to act instantly across billions of transactions and will give you resilience at the data level. However, when the data is sent over unreliable satellite or mobile networks, or when sudden multi-region data center failures happen, that data can be lost before reaching your core database.

    Using Ably as an edge-messaging layer for sending data from end-users into your database guarantees that regardless of the message volume, of however many connections are opened, or the patchy network conditions, you are guaranteed message delivery, message ordering, and exactly-once semantics (even when the message is sent multiple times from the device due to a disconnection).

    Why use Ably and Aerospike

    Both technologies have a strong focus on consistency and high reliability (99.999% uptime SLA) and they are well suited for building distributed architectures with predictable performance. These synergies make them a natural fit to jointly close the loop for event-driven data capture, transition, and processing (including read/write queries) capabilities.

    Aerospike is a high-performance, high resilience database that spans multiple data centers and allows for complete access even during localized outages. It can deliver billions of transactions in real-time and can give its customers resilience at a data level. There is also a strong focus on consistency, smaller footprint and total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction.

    Ably is an edge messaging platform designed with resilience at its heart and mathematically modelled to work regardless of the volume of messages, however many connections are opened, or however patchy the network conditions are. It is fault tolerant and ensures sufficient redundancy at a regional and global level to ensure continuity of service even in the face of multiple infrastructure failures, with 99.999999% message survivability. It delivers predictable 65ms round trip latency for the 99th percentile and guarantees message delivery, message ordering, and exactly-once semantics (even when the message is sent multiple times due to disconnection).

    A realtime architecture for edge-to-core distribution example with Ably, Kafka and Aerospike
    A realtime architecture for edge-to-core distribution example with Ably, Kafka and Aerospike

    Both Ably and Aerospike provide best-in-class integrations with Kafka - see Aerospike Connect for Kafka and the Ably Kafka Connector. Using Ably, Kafka and Aerospike together helps companies make the most of their Kafka investment in an event-driven architecture.        

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    How will you benefit from using Ably and Aerospike together?

    In a high-stakes, highly competitive industry there’s zero margin for error. Ably and Aerospike provide the dependable, fully-managed and instantly scalable  platform and infrastructure layer that makes real-time, event-driven systems easier to build, maintain and scale. This will allow developers to focus on what makes the product special, not handling outages on your hosting infrastructure. Additionally, both Aerospike and Ably are fully managed solutions that only charge for what is used, so you can scale costs up and down based on your usage.