Our mission is to power and accelerate the realtime ecosystem

Ably is a technology company that builds realtime infrastructure for the internet. Developers from startups to industrial giants trust our software to build realtime capabilities that operate under any condition, at internet scale.

Everyday we deliver billions of realtime messages to more than 50 million people across web, mobile, and IoT platforms.

The potential of the realtime ecosystem

A chart showing realtime data consumption is on course to exceeded global data consumption by 2023 504030Data (Zb)Year20100201920202021202220232024All new data producedConsumed in realtimeCurrent dataRealtime data consumption is on course to exceed global data consumption by 2023
Chart source: Data Age 2025, IDC, 2018.

Realtime data powers many of our most important daily digital interactions across our personal and professional lives. Yet realtime data is a fraction of the 33 zettabytes of data consumed today.

But by 2025 30% of the projected 175 zettabytes of global data consumption will be in realtime. That’s 1.5x the total amount of data consumed worldwide today.

Transporting realtime data over the internet is different from static data. New types of complex infrastructure are required to constantly stream data around the world over unreliable networks at low latencies. This takes enormous amounts of engineering time and resources to build, constraining the growth of the realtime data economy.

Removing these barriers so new types of digital experiences can flourish accelerates the realtime ecosystem by helping new businesses get started and boosting growth for existing businesses. That is Ably’s purpose and mission.

The future-proof realtime stack

Ably’s realtime platform provides the reliable building blocks you need to create realtime features you can trust at scale.

You’re in good company

Delivering billions of messages to millions of devices for thousands of developers

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