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Whilst it is necessary for us to have a set of comprehensive legals below, we know how difficult it can be to understand the underlying commitments we are making to you as a customer. In simple English, here are our commitments to you:

  • We won't lock you in: in fact, we have API compatibility with many other alternatives.

  • You own your data: should you request it, we will send you your data or delete it.

  • We will do our best to help you with implementation and provide support: feel free to submit a ticket on our support desk or just drop us a line at [email protected]

  • We aim to achieve 100% uptime. We guarantee 99.999% uptime in our SLA for Enterprise customers, 99.99% for Business customers, and 99.9% for Self-service paid customers. Unfortunately, it is possible we may not achieve this because we are dependent on numerous 3rd party network services. If we fail to achieve our SLA targets, we will refund our customers where we have fallen short, we will always keep our service status page up to date with any incidents, we'll work around the clock to fix and remedy against any issues that may arise, and we'll always be honest about our actual uptime.

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