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State-of-the-art asset tracking across last mile logistics, food delivery applications, and urban mobility services. Ably Asset Tracking is easy to integrate and simple to use, with no infrastructure to provision or manage.

The easiest and most dependable way to integrate realtime asset tracking capabilities

Ably Asset Tracking is a serverless solution, providing headless SDKs that combine best-in-class technologies in location tracking and realtime communication to deliver a dependable and flexible offering for tracking multiple assets in realtime.

As a globally available cloud-based solution, Ably Asset Tracking:

  • Simplifies your architecture and infrastructure.
  • Helps you to reduce engineering efforts and code complexity.
  • Enables faster time to market and increases customer satisfaction.

Offload the complexities of realtime asset tracking

See how Ably Asset Tracking helps simplify your architecture:

Consistent and precise positioning on the map for a smooth and trustworthy end-user experience

The Mapbox Navigation SDK enhanced location engine tracks the location of packages, food deliveries, and vehicles (bikes or cars), while cleaning up noisy GPS data. The driver’s location on the map stays in sync with the vehicle’s actual location at all times, giving customers a better understanding of where their order is, and when it will arrive.

Best-in-class realtime messaging to deliver location updates
Location data is persisted in realtime to the cloud, and updates are synchronized to end-user devices via Ably’s highly dependable realtime communication platform, which is powered by a massively scalable and fault-tolerant global edge network.
Ably's Four Pillars of Dependability

We focus on predictability of latencies, and we guarantee <65 ms round trip latency for 99th percentile. We also provide unlimited channel throughput.

Message ordering, guaranteed delivery, and exactly-once semantics are ensured, from the moment a message is published to Ably, all the way to its delivery to consumers.

Fault tolerance at regional and global levels to guarantee continuity of service even in the case of multiple infrastructure failures. 99.999999% message survivability.

Ably is meticulously designed for high availability and extreme scale. We ensure 50% capacity margin for instant surges, and provide a 99.999% uptime SLA.
Ably takes care of all our realtime needs. It gives our customers the immediacy and user experience they need to track and manage entire fleets of assets from a single dashboard, but is practically invisible – it just works in the background.
Justin Bériot CTO, Urbantz
Simple and powerful SDKs to quickly add realtime asset tracking capabilities to your apps

Ably Asset Tracking offers headless, map-agnostic SDKs:

  • Asset Publishing SDK - for embedding in apps running on the courier's device. Publishes updates with the asset's location.
  • Asset Subscribing SDK - for embedding in apps running on the customer's device. Subscribes to updates related to the asset's location and status.

The SDKs come with simple yet powerful APIs, which you can quickly integrate into your tech stack with a few lines of code.

Get started with Ably Asset Tracking SDKs
Ably Asset Tracking features

Guaranteed ordering & delivery
No location update is lost, delivered multiple times, or sent out of order. Even if brief disconnections are involved, our SDKs automatically re-establish connections, and the stream of location updates resumes precisely where it left off.

Control the frequency of updates
Ably Asset Tracking is built with flexibility in mind and can be dynamically optimized so you can strike the right balance between the frequency of location updates sent to consumers and optimal battery usage.

Realtime location updates
Ably Asset Tracking offers realtime visibility into the location of assets by delivering accurate location updates to consumers at consistently low latencies (< 65 ms average global latencies) over a globally distributed and highly available edge network.

Headless and map-agnostic
Ably Asset Tracking offers headless, map-agnostic SDKs. You can use Ably Asset Tracking in combination with multiple map providers (including your custom-built solution) to render location updates on a map in end-user apps.

Ably Asset Tracking comes with integrations and plugins that makes it easy to trigger business logic (e.g., AWS Lambda) or stream and process data elsewhere (e.g., Kafka).

Security and compliance
Ably Asset Tracking provides robust security mechanisms, including authentication with fine-grained access control, SSL/TLS & 256-bit AES encryption, and DoS protection. Additionally, Ably is compliant with standards such as SOC 2 Type 2.
Ably Asset Tracking helps increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

Ably Asset Tracking gives your customers and support agents accurate visibility into the location of any asset. This leads to improved quality of support, faster response times, and fewer customers reaching out to inquire about their order's status.

Building your own realtime asset tracking solution is resource-heavy, time-consuming, and downright difficult. By offloading this complexity to Ably Asset Tracking, you reduce your realtime asset tracking infrastructure, DevOps, and Engineering burden to zero. This way, you are free to focus on building, improving, and releasing new features and products faster.

Ably Asset Tracking is designed to be flexible, so you can customize it in a way that’s best for your specific use case:

  • Use existing policies or implement custom logic to control the frequency of location updates and limit impact on battery life.
  • As a headless, map-agnostic solution, Ably Asset Tracking works alongside all the different map solutions (including custom-built ones) you’re already using, enabling you to deliver dependable realtime asset tracking experiences across multiple digital products.

After it cleans noisy GPS data to provide consistent positioning and movement on the map, Ably Asset Tracking synchronizes accurate location updates to end-user devices in realtime. This creates a smooth experience and increases customer satisfaction, as users have a clear understanding of where their orders are, and visibility into when they will arrive.