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Build stateful interactive applications that scale

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Sync database changes with frontend clients in realtime

LiveSync abstracts all the complexity of keeping large volumes of clients in realtime sync with one or more relational databases. While LiveSync takes care of the low-level sync, you can focus on core app functionality. 

You can power any realtime application where the source of truth for the app state is stored in the database.

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Why use LiveSync?

Livesync allows you to build reliable realtime applications at scale, using your preferred stack.


LiveSync is designed to be database agnostic and currently supports Postgres databases - with more databases coming soon.

End-to-end data integrity

Changes and user actions always sync correctly, thanks to our hard guarantees for data integrity and exactly-once delivery.

Snappy user interaction

No more refreshing your page or watching the wheel spin while waiting for updates, thanks to LiveSync's optimistic updates at API level.

No polling for updates

There is no need to poll the server for updates, subscribers are automatically notified of new data as soon as it becomes available.

Highly reliable & scalable

Change events are distributed through a global system with no single point of failure and a 99.999% uptime SLA. And thanks to autoscaling systems that actively manage capacity, we can absorb very large spikes in concurrent users or interactive actions.

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How LiveSync works

LiveSync is made up of two key components:

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Database Connector

A backend service for broadcasting changes from your database in realtime.

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Client-side SDK

The Models SDK frontend library simplifies subscribing to changes in data models and applying optimistic updates, merging them with confirmed updates.

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LiveSync is currently in Early Access, primarily intended for experimental use and not yet suitable for production environments.

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