Performance is the end-to-end latency and achievable bandwidth for data sent via the service.
Dr Paddy Byers
CTO of Ably

A word on performance

While a focus on predictability may seem counterintuitive, when it comes to developing realtime functionality, performance isn’t simply about minimizing latency and bandwidth requirements. It’s also about minimizing the variance in them and providing predictability to developers.

If you know Ably’s median global latencies and bandwidth will always be within specific operating boundaries it provides a level of certainty in uncertain operating conditions. You can design, build, and scale features around this certainty, confident they’ll perform as expected under various conditions.

Message performance (individual)
Throughput performance (aggregate)

Performance at scale

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Integrity comes from the guarantees we provide around realtime messages sent using the Ably service.
Dr Paddy Byers
CTO of Ably

A word on integrity

When apps rely on a sequence of messages that mutually depend upon one another, like chat, Ably maintains the end-to-end integrity of them. This simplifies app architecture: there’s no need to handle missed, unordered, or duplicate messages.

This frees you from design limitations so you can focus on solving the challenges that really matter, not the frustrating realtime edge cases you’re otherwise forced to think about and develop around.

Due to our more modern system architecture we’re able to actually provide these guarantees at scale - something other pub/sub messaging providers with similar claims struggle to deliver on.

Message guarantees

Message integrity guarantees

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Reliability is the ability to continue operating in spite of something going wrong.
Dr Paddy Byers
CTO of Ably

A word on reliability

Ably’s platform is fault tolerant. We can continue to operate even if a component, or multiple components, should fail. But it’s not enough to have multiple components to achieve fault tolerance. You need to have multiple components capable of maintaining the system if the other components are lost in order to achieve fault tolerance.

Applying this to Ably, we’ve designed around statistical risks of failure, ensuring sufficient redundancy at a regional and global level to ensure continuity of service even in the face of multiple infrastructure failures.

Companies like Split.io and PeopleFun build on Ably because they know our system is designed in such a way that even if we are facing issues, the statistical risk of issues affecting their end-users is immaterial.

Regional fault tolerance
Global fault tolerance

Reliability as standard

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Availability is uptime. At any time I want to use a service, what is the probability I can use it?
Dr Paddy Byers
CTO of Ably

A word on availability

Ably is meticulously designed to be elastic and highly-available, providing the uptime and elastic scale required for stringent and demanding realtime requirements. Under load, achieving availability and elasticity isn’t just traditional mechanics like failover, it’s about managing capacity.

Ably’s mathematically grounded design means we can transparently share operating boundaries we monitor to ensure capacity and therefore availability, helping you understand the type of scale and elasticity capable with Ably.

Network capacity

Designed for maximum availability

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