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Enabling productivity: Ably Hackathon Projects

Enabling productivity: Ably Hackathon Projects
Beth LoftBeth Loft

A number of our recent hackathon projects focused on enabling productivity by connecting and supporting users to work together,  in realtime. We loved seeing people make use of Ably's realtime capabilities in this way. Below, are three projects that showcase the productivity benefits of working collaboratively in realtime, across very different products:

- Cling: Translating chat across languages
- Jsonbank: A data storage solution
- Atlas: A collaborative journey planning application

Cling: A multilingual chat app

About Cling: The app that breaks language barriers in realtime

Cling, made by Yash Raj Singh, is a realtime CLI chat translation application that enables users that speak different languages to converse. It leverages OpenNMT ArgoTranslate to translate messages in realtime, using the Ably Realtime Framework to power chatrooms and WebSockets. Users can chat in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Spanish, enhancing global connectivity and collaboration.

Jsonbank: An online JSON data storage/database solution

About Jsonbank

Jsonbank, made by Anthony (Trapcode), is an online JSON data storage/database solution that offers developers CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) access via an API. It comes with a host of features designed to simplify JSON data management, such as schema validations, a browser view, history tracking, and the ability to monitor files via webhooks, among others.

Atlas: A collaborative map for travel planning, event coordination, and more

About Atlas

Atlas, made by Prabin Acharya, allows multiple users to interactively add markers, draw routes, and input text on a map in realtime to facilitate collaborative planning and mapping activities. Users can explore maps together, making the experience more interactive, dynamic, and informative.

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You can view all of the entries in the hackathon project gallery, or find the winning projects in one of our recent blog posts:

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