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Realtime Dashboards: Ably Realtime Hackathon projects

Realtime Dashboards: Ably Realtime Hackathon projects
Andra DinuAndra Dinu

The realtime dashboard challenge in our recent hackathon asked participants to demonstrate innovative realtime information displays and dashboards using Ably’s capabilities. Judging explored how useful the application was, alongside how it leveraged data visualization and data sources.

Judged by:

Meet the winners:

Mading Live - a bulletin board application

About Mading Live

Mading Live, made by Ansell Maximilian, is a bulletin board that allows users to share announcements, events and other posts they want to share within their community. The project enables users to create, invite people to, and manage communities. Built using Next.js, Supabase and Ably, there is also the ability to post surveys and view which members are online within communities.

Why did Mading Live win?

Our judges loved:

  • The project's ability to connect people through chat and posts within the board.
  • How visualization was used in the form of a dashboard to show who is online within community groups.
“The execution of this bulletin board project was impressive, it has a very useful and user-focused design and an effective amount of functionality to foster relationships within the communities made.”

Paddy Byers, Chief Technology Officer

Mosaic - a collaborative workspace

About Mosaic

Mosaic, made by Shreyas Chaliha, is a collaborative workspace that allows users to create, edit and share content like documents, notes and tasks for themselves and others. Built using Next.js, Clerk and Ably React Hooks, the project includes live chat, moderation, live cursors and the ability to create notes in public and private spaces.

Why did Mosaic win?

Our judges loved:

  • The approach to designing the workspace.
  • The combination of capabilities included with the project.
“Mosaic has a whole host of features included in the project which is great to see, mixing collaboration and displays together for a really well-rounded user experience, it is well done.”

Andra Dinu, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Real Time Log Monitor - an event logging and monitoring tool

About Real Time Log Monitor

Real Time Log Monitor, made by David Carnley, is a tool that streams events to log and monitors channels. Built using chart.js, NLog and Ably, the project provides a visual way to determine the state of production systems.

Why did Real Time Log Monitor win?

Our judges loved:

  • The expansion of the tool to include a realtime dashboard and its impact.
  • The immediate usefulness of the visualization of data included in the project.
“Their innovative approach to visualizing the realtime data - using elements like color, size, and chart orientation to provide richer insights into the data than one sees in a typical line graph is impressive. They solved an existing issue and produced a beneficial improvement with some creative problem-solving.”

Tim Buntel, Chief Product Officer

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These winning submissions, and all of the entries included in the project gallery, are great examples of what you can do using Ably. We will be sharing more entries on our blog and social channels in the coming weeks - so stay tuned on X (Twitter), LinkedIn and Discord.

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