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Two companies using realtime at the bleeding edge of innovation

Two companies using realtime at the bleeding edge of innovation
Freddie GaddFreddie Gadd

Roundup #1 — Cryptocurrency & Sales Partnerships

Standing at the forefront of realtime tech at Ably, we come across hundreds of realtime use cases. So, we decided to kick off a monthly round-up and share how realtime is changing the tech landscape. In each roundup, we will dive into a few showcases that are leading with realtime tech innovation.

Live updates for cryptocurrency traders in milliseconds

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the technology behind it, are shaking the financial industry worldwide. There is huge growth in their popularity with over 1,000 cryptocurrencies currently in circulation. And the number of unique active users of cryptocurrency wallets has reached +5.8 million in 2017. Even so, there are still many notable concerns for security and regulation.

One of the key sectors in the cryptocurrency industry are exchanges. They act as a platform that allows users to trade with cryptocurrencies. Coinstocks.io is innovating this sector with the launch of one of the first US based cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

A cryptocurrency exchange platform is a live marketplace where different transactions take place. As the trading bids take place, the prices of different cryptocurrencies also change. This means that it is critical for the users to receive price change and order updates in real time.

As most of the users use both web and mobile platforms, it’s challenging to deliver the latest updates in the right order and in real time. This is where a scalable realtime infrastructure comes in place that implements the Pub/Sub messaging system. All the users can subscribe to various channels corresponding to the cryptocurrency exchange updates. Every unique channel allows a broadcast of the latest updates to all its subscribers. This means Coinstocks.io can send all the latest trading updates within milliseconds to all it’s users.

Sales Partnerships get chat in real time

Nowadays companies have to be creative in using sales partnerships as a way to rapidly increase their outreach. One of the most common types of partnerships are referral partnerships. This referral partner can be any individual, existing customer or a sales professional who brings along new customers. Referrals are overall a popular channel that helps drive growth for many companies.

84% of B2B decision makers start the buying process with a referral.

A Seattle based company — PartnerTap, is focusing on a new way of B2B partnerships that can help drive growth. Usually, sales executives struggle to manage sales partnerships in an easy and automated way. By connecting sales executives with their referral partners via a chat app, PartnerTap is set to speed up the level of execution and collaboration.

When building a chat application, having reliable realtime features is key to its success and usability. Ensuring a smooth collaboration depends on the ability to guarantee that messages get sent as well as received by intended clients in real time.

As most of the users are on the move, lots of the times their network 4G connections will often go down. If they happen to temporarily disconnect from the network, messages may get lost during the down time and they may never get delivered. It’s important to have a solution that can address this problem when building a chat application.

By retaining message history it’s possible to retrieve the messages, for example, when a sales professional gets connected again. Once they are online, the messages can also get sent in the right order without losing any data.

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