Migrate from Pusher to Ably in hours

Ably is the only cloud vendor that supports the Pusher protocol. It’s simple to migrate to Ably, or use Ably as a failover for Pusher in hours instead of months.

Simple migration

Migrate to Ably by changing just a few lines of code

Ably is the only cloud vendor that supports the Pusher protocol. It’s simple to migrate to Ably, or use Ably as a failover for Pusher in hours instead of months.

Pusher to ABLY
//pusher code snippet
const pusher new Pusher("pusherAppKey",{
const pusher new Pusher("ablyKeyName",{
/* Pusher apps exist in a single region as specified here */
cluster: "pusherAppCluster"
/* Ably endpoints are always global with 15+ datacenters */
wsHost: "realtime-pusher.ably.io"
httpHost: "realtime-pusher.ably.io"
const channel pusher.subscribe("chatChannel",);
channel.bind("msg"function (data) {
console.log("Message received: " + data);

Why companies are migrating from Pusher

Scale and demand

Companies out-grow Pusher's service capabilities (features, integrations, performance).

Redundancy and continuity

Unprecedented times mean companies are increasingly ensuring they have no single vendor dependency and no single point of failure.

Pusher product uncertainty

Retired its ChatKit product with just 30 days notice. Only months later Pusher announced it had been acquired. Many customers are concerned about continuity.

“Now we’ve migrated over from Pusher, we don’t have to worry about spikes in traffic anymore. Ably handles large loads without any troubles. But what keeps amazing us is the reliability and speed of the platform…”

Matti RolouxCTO

Key advantages vs Pusher

Find out why Ably provides more serious and dependable realtime APIs than Pusher.

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Information provided is from publicly available sources and is intended as a starting point for further investigation. See full disclaimer below table.

QoS, message delivery guarantee & connection state recovery


Ably provides guaranteed message delivery and continuity across disconnections. Publishers only receive an ACK when data is persisted in two locations, and subscribers never lose data during brief disconnections as we maintain connection state for each client on our servers.


If a message is published whilst a client is briefly disconnected (such as going through a tunnel or changing networks), then the message published over Pusher will never arrive to that client.

Reliable message ordering


Ably ensures that messages are delivered to persistently connected subscribers in the order they were published on each channel using the First-in-First-Out (FIFO) pattern.


Pusher does not support reliable message ordering.

Low latencies globally


Ably’s round trip latencies, measured as the time taken to publish a message on one connection and receive a message on another connection, dependably range from 30ms to 100ms globally.


Pusher’s average global latencies range between 90ms to 200ms. As Pusher apps exist in one only region, message latencies increase for clients the further they are from the chosen datacenter.

Global datacenters


Ably has 16 datacenters spread across four continents so your users are never far from the Ably network. We ensure complete availability by routing to the next-closest alternative datacenter when necessary.


One per app. Pusher requires you to choose a single datacenter for an app to reside in. All realtime traffic must therefore be routed through a single datacenter, regardless of a user’s location. This has implications for performance, reliability, and availability.

No single point of failure


Ably’s Data Stream Network is a distributed system designed with no single point of failure. All customers benefit from running their apps in all of our datacenters providing resilience, reliability, and global low latencies.


Pusher apps are located in a single datacenter rather than distributed across multiple datacenters. If that datacenter goes offline then all apps hosted there are affected.

Message history (persisted data)


Ably’s message history feature provides a means for clients or servers to retrieve messages that were previously published on a channel.


Pusher does not support message history.

The comparisons presented here are: (i) derived from public information and open sources available as of October 2019, and thus may be outdated; (ii) intended as a starting point for further investigation; and (iii) not guaranteed to be 100% accurate or complete. The reader is encouraged to conduct an independent evaluation and to not rely solely on the information presented here. Please contact us if you believe the information here is inaccurate or incomplete.

Migration process

How companies migrate from Pusher

Because we support the Pusher protocol, migration starts seamlessly by connecting your existing clients to the Ably network practically zero changes to your code.

Talk to a realtime expert
Complete migration
Switch over in a single day
You can switch over in a single day or migrate progressively. The fastest we've seen someone migrate is just a few hours.
Configure existing Pusher
Typically the first step is to configure existing Pusher clients to use Ably endpoints and protocol adapters. Ably does all the background work of ensuring protocol interoperability.
Replace legacy Pusher client libraries
Once migration to Ably is complete, the second step is to replace legacy Pusher client libraries with Ably client libraries to take advantage of the wider Ably feature set and guarantees only available with the Ably protocol.
Redundancy for peace of mind
Gain resilience
Many companies use both Ably and Pusher for redundancy, and immediately benefit from Ably's global network, remove single vendor lock-in, and remove Pusher as a single point of failure.
Solve problems
This approach solves any service availability issues that might arise with Pusher or Ably, as companies can easily redirect traffic to either provider, thanks to Ably's native Pusher protocol interoperability.
Configurations include Multi-master where message traffic is split or duplicated across both services and Primary/Secondary where message traffic fails over the secondary when the primary is unavailable
Find us in AWS Marketplace
If you're building on AWS, the AWS Marketplace can streamline your adoption of Ably via a consolidated purchase environment and integration with AWS accounts and already-established terms.