Amazon SQS rule

You can use a SQS rule to send data such as messages, occupancy, lifecycle and presence events from Ably to SQS.

There are two ways to create a SQS rule:

  1. Using the Ably Dashboard.
  2. Using the Control API.

To create a rule in your dashboard:

  1. Login and select the application you wish to integrate with SQS.
  2. Click the Integrations tab.

Integrations tab

  1. Click the + New Integration Rule button.
  2. Choose Firehose.
  3. Choose AWS SQS.

Choose sqs

  1. Configure the settings applicable to your use case and your SQS installation.

The SQS-specific settings:

sqs rule settings - sqs-specific

The general settings:

sqs rule settings - general

  1. Click Create to create the rule.

See some examples of creating rules in the rules section of the Control API documentation. You can also refer to the rule section of the Control API Reference for information on creating a SQS rule. You will need to select a ruleType of aws/sqs.

Creating a SQS rule