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About Guild

Guild is a messaging app purpose-built for professional use. The idea behind Guild is to re-invent the idea of ‘guilds’ for the digital age. Part of the meaningful software revolution, the app sets out to help people reap the benefits of belonging to private professional networks, by creating a curated digital space removed from online noise.

To do this, Guild combines the simplicity of consumer messaging apps with features and design that understand how professionals really work: clear profiles, privacy controls and tailored notifications.

Ably for unique, innovative chat UX

Within communication apps, realtime is already expected as standard. Ably’s secure, scalable and reliable network ensures the fundamentals of Guild’s offering - features for instant communication between multiple users - are as slick and seamless as is technologically possible, and go above-and-beyond other chat apps.

  • Global distribution means professional networks can communicate in realtime, wherever they are in the world, regardless of network conditions.
  • 100% message delivery guarantee ensure Guild members never miss a professional message.
  • Enhanced privacy controls for better compliance.
  • Synchronization across devices.
  • Guaranteed reliability and low-latency for superior UX.
  • Reactor Integrations allow event-based triggers so users and user-groups can receive notifications and act upon business events as they occur.
  • Speed of execution and federation of data, bypassing the need for custom integrations.
  • Loosely-coupled system design for easy integrations and future-proof innovation capacity.

Innate interoperability = easy integrations

Requirements of each Guild or professional network vary, and tailor-made innovations to enable better communication within each group are one of Guild’s key USPs. Easy integration allows Guild to implement existing technology to add to its realtime feature set. This comes thanks to Ably’s universal interoperability across protocols, clouds and services - Guild can scale and integrate faster, more efficiently and more securely, never becoming a closed or static network.

Future additions rely on realtime app performance data (using Ably’s analytics tools), and the possibility of instant integration with other data analysis software. This could be used for a wide range of purposes, as defined by each ‘guild’ (i.e. group of users). For example semantic analysis and event-based integration with screening software could serve a useful compliance function for certain high-regulated professional groups. In industries where all interactions need to be recorded, Ably’s Reactor function could stream communications straight to cloud-based storage servers for analysis.

Quality control of user input (sensors that pinpoint and control late-night, over-exuberant usage of the professional network, for example, in-built mechanisms to crack down on inappropriate communications or even fraud) could be activated by realtime integrations with other services. Pattern and word monitoring options could create instantly useful connections between Guilds, mine relevant data in real time, or serve a compliance function by triggering alerts in relevant industries.

Ably for enabling innovation

As it develops its offering Guild increasingly uses realtime data technology unique to Ably, with the scope to power an app capable of delivering a truly differentiated professional networking experience.

As Guild’s founder, Ashley Friedlein, explains: “Traditional ‘chat-in-a-box’ messaging apps are quite prescriptive. For Guild’s networking features, we wanted realtime infrastructure that could expand standard chat functionality. Using Ably infrastructure from the start of our product development process meant we could be sure we weren’t going to be constrained when it came to implementing innovative features. Ably’s enterprise functionality allows us to tailor realtime innovations specific to the use cases of different professional groups”.

It was not just richness of features that catered for future innovation requirements. Ably’s API Streamer augments Guild’s SOA and open innovation culture, making it possible to share realtime APIs with the wider developer community, who can further add to Guild’s offering. With Ably, the same message bus that enables core functionality can also be used to expose event-driven and streaming APIs to external parties who want to consume (pull) or receive (push) events and messages in near real time.

Matthew O’Riordan says: "Guild bought into the future knowing that event-driven APIs are going to be needed as they build a developer community who integrate with Guild, and by choosing Ably, they get this out of the box."

Ably’s enterprise functionality allows us to tailor realtime innovations specific to the use cases of our different customer groups

Ashley Friedlein

CEO and Founder / Guild

Guild relies on Ably for

  • Pub/Sub Messaging

    Using channels devices can broadcast out realtime updates to any number of subscribers.

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  • Presence and device awareness

    Be notified when users and devices go online or offline.

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  • Message history

    Use our message history to persist conversations.

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  • Connection state recovery

    When devices lose their connection, they don't need to lose message continuity and data integrity.

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  • Guaranteed delivery & ordering

    Our quality of service and reliable message ordering guarantee lets you focus on building your service.

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  • Encryption

    End-to-end encryption ensures your messages are secure. Not even we can decrypt them.

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  • Reactor Firehose

    We provide easy integration between various services.

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  • API Streamer

    Ably allows for data to be easily shared and distributed between companies and to clients.

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