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Ably's enterprise packages for customers with demanding realtime needs

Ably's enterprise packages for customers with demanding realtime needs

Check out our pricing calculator to figure out the best package for you.

Ably’s value proposition is simple:

  • A generous free tier — we want to get developers up and running quickly and continue to help micro businesses when they are starting out
  • Fair pricing — pay for what you use, we won’t force you to sign up to obscure pricing tiers. Our paid packages start at $9.99 a month.
  • Transparent pricing — clearly see what you’re paying for such as messages published/subscribed or peak connections
  • Complete feature set —our free and self-service packages include all the features most customers need to use our service into the foreseeable future. We don’t charge you more for features like history, token authentication, push notifications and encryption that we know you’ll need
  • Self-service — we are an online PaaS business and our economies of scale come from automating as much as possible. By providing a self-service option to our customers, we are able to remove sales people from the equation and pass on those savings to our customers. This does not mean we don’t provide human-driven support though, we’re huge advocates of talking and helping customers to use Ably.

This value proposition is reflected in our self-service package sign up process, and it’s no surprise given the great value of these packages, that self-service is by far and away the most popular choice for our customers.

Introducing Enterprise packages

Many of our customers have told us they want more flexibility, additional features, predictable pricing and an account managed service. As such, we now offer tailored Enterprise packages for our more demanding customers that in addition to the features of our self-service packages, offers:

  • Premium support and on-boarding
    Enterprise customers have 24/7 access to our engineers over live chat, phone or video chat. We’ll also have one of our engineers help you get up and running with Ably with our on-boarding program.
  • Nominated customer success manager
    You will get one person who looks after your account to ensure you get the most out of Ably and succeed.
  • Configure everything
    Need to change our pre-configured limits such as max members present on a channel, or the period for which we store your messages? It’s not a problem for Enterprise customers.
  • Custom CNAME and white labelled solution
    If you would prefer that your customers connect on one of your domains, we can provide you with a custom CNAME such as realtime.yourcompany.com. Additionally we can white label our client libraries.
  • Guaranteed fixed pricing
    We won’t charge you if you have unexpected bursts in usage. Your CFO will be happy as our invoices will be predictable.
  • No hard limits
    We will never cut you off because you’ve exceeded your package limits.
  • Europe-only storage
    If you need your data to remain within Europe, we can customise your account so that data is never transmitted or stored outside of the EU.
  • Early access to the roadmap
    Our Enterprise customers not only get visibility to our roadmap, but also get to be early adopters of new features. Also, Enterprise customers have a voice and can influence the decisions we make in regards to our roadmap.

Compare self-service and Enterprise packages on our pricing page.

If you would like to find out more about our Enterprise packages, please contact us.

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