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London startup Ably Realtime opens live data streams to power 'next generation' digital experiences

London startup Ably Realtime opens live data streams to power 'next generation' digital experiences
Eve MartinEve Martin

Jan 22, 2019

Ably, an investment from the Mayor of Londons’ Tech Fund, LCIF (London Co-Investment Fund) recently launched the Open Data Streaming Program (ODSP), an initiative designed to democratize the realtime data-sharing economy. Under the ODSP, anyone producing streams of data can use the Ably Data Stream Exchange (DSX) to host and distribute data for free, provided they make it freely available for others. These open data streams will be available via the newly launched Ably Hub, an app-store-like portal where developers can browse and subscribe to realtime data.

With TfL a pioneer in realtime data sharing, London is rich in examples of how access to realtime data fuels improvements to civil infrastructure and the digital economy. TfL’s open data feeds are subscribed to by 13,000 developers, powering over 600 apps. Deloitte estimated TfL’s free open data initiative resulted in economic benefits of up to £130m per year. Outside London, Deloitte predicts access to realtime data could cut 629 million hours of waiting time on the EU’s roads, reducing energy consumption by 16 per cent.

To attract as much open and commercial streaming data as possible, Ably DSX is designed around simple integration, allowing users to freely distribute, employ or monetize data streams. The platform provides operational tools to maximize publishing efficiency — including analytics, security, billing and developer portals. It is serverless, API consistent, cloud- and protocol-agnostic. Relieved of the technical complexity of realtime data exchange, publishers and consumers can focus on the data itself, its use and its real-world application.

Ably’s technology provides infrastructure for realtime data sharing at scale. Use cases include transport networks, live messaging, location tracking, document collaboration, cryptocurrencies, air traffic control systems, gaming and elearning. Ably’s technology is currently keeping realtime score at the Australian Open tennis tournament.

“We are delighted to support tech innovations of this kind, through our London Co-Investment Fund, which revolutionise how we share data and ultimately contribute to a better digital experience in our city for people who live, work or visit here. The launch of this platform further supports our mission, through the London Data Store, to make a wider range of real-time data sets available to innovators, helping to address urban challenges and improve life in London.” — Theo Blackwell, London’s Chief Digital Officer

“Having been supported by London Co-Investment Fund, we’re proud to be providing realtime infrastructure services to Greater London’s community of developers and businesses. Ably DSX is the first open universal message bus that enables users to syndicate realtime data to customers and other businesses. The DSX provides technology to help new and existing businesses transition to realtime.”

Matthew O’Riordan, Founder and CEO of Ably

  • For information about the Open Data Streaming Program, please visit; https://go.ably.io/open-data-streaming-program.
  • To be part of Ably Realtime, the Data Stream Exchange (DSX) and the Ably Hub, go to https://www.ably.io/dsx.
  • *The London Co-Investment Fund (LCIF) is delivered by Funding London and Capital Enterprise. It was established by the London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP), which contributed £25m to the Fund, and is supported by the Mayor of London. For information on the London Co-Investment Fund, please visit; https://lcif.co/portfolio-2018/

Originally published at tech.london.

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