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  • Announcing our Business packages

    By: Matthew O'Riordan 2 min read

    Update February 2020: we've recently improved our pricing to increase clarity and transparency on usage-based pricing. Check out our pricing table for more.

    As a developer-focussed business, we understand that developers crave simplicity. The design of the service you use has this in mind, with intuitive realtime APIs, straight-talking support, and comprehensive documentation.

    The pricing model has been simple too, offered in one of two ways:

    • Self service (pay as you go): a cost effective solution for developers, allowing them to benefit from our scale, pay only for the resources they use e.g. messages and connected devices, with little or no human touch from Ably.
    • Enterprise: a solution for mature businesses that need the human touch, 24 hour support, potentially huge scale and customization of the platform and service we offer.

    This simple pricing has worked out well for our customers, with thousands of developers relying on our platform each day.

    However, we now recognise the need for a middle ground for some of you who need more than a pure self-service offering. If you want to be able to talk to our team, get access to prioritised support, yet still need a cost effective solution that scales as you grow your businesses, then we have a package for you.

    Today we officially announce our new Business packages. These packages start at $349.99 per month and offer low usage costs as you grow, include prioritized support and onboarding assistance during EU and US working hours, and offer access to features like HIPAA compliance and regional (US/EU only) storage. Compare our three paid packages below:

    Comparing the Ably Realtime packages

    If you need more from your free or self-service paid packages, then a Business package may be the answer. If you have any questions, our sales team are on hand to answer any questions you have.

    In addition to support for new Business packages, we’ve also been busy with:

    Matthew is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ably Realtime
    Matthew O'Riordan

    Matthew O'Riordan

    CEO and co-founder of Ably. Previously co-founded Econsultancy, sold in 2012. Love programming, distributed systems, product design, and skiing, kite surfing and skydiving.

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