2 min readUpdated Mar 23, 2023

Ably’s partnership and global GTM strategy with AWS

Here at Ably, we have used AWS offerings as part of our Infrastructure as a Service for quite some time.  We did once consider going multi-cloud, but that gets complicated in a hurry, so we have found that integrating judiciously with a single cloud vendor strikes the right balance.  

Over time, the relationship has developed into a full-fledged partnership with AWS  that includes the following:

The relationship works really well and has also been a boon for our customers as they have new, convenient ways to procure Ably and can integrate more easily into their existing AWS stacks.  

Recently, AWS invited Ably to give a keynote address at SaaStock to share some insights into the secret sauce of what works and what doesn't, and how it can impact your startup's global go-to-market expansion strategy.  

Here it is, short and sweet:

Your Global Go-To-Market Expansion strategy with Jonno Southam (AWS) and Matthew O'Riordan (Ably)

If you are interested in discussing how Ably’s AWS offering and partnership can help benefit you, or if you have any interest in developing a new technical partnership with Ably, we would love to hear from you.  Please get in touch.

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