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Take part in the Ably Realtime Experiences Hackathon

Take part in the Ably Realtime Experiences Hackathon
Beth LoftBeth Loft

Ably is running our first virtual hackathon on DevPost and there’s $19,000 worth of prizes to win! Starting September 18th, participants have two exciting categories to choose from: Realtime Dashboards and Collaboration Experiences, plus a bonus prize category for projects built using React. The hackathon lasts until November 1st so there's plenty of time to take part and submit a project.

The Realtime Dashboards category encourages participants to make use of information efficiency - while avoiding information overload - by building realtime applications that make use of Ably to demonstrate innovative realtime information displays and dashboards.

The Collaboration Experiences category is focused on showcasing how people can collaborate together by using Ably’s capabilities.

Plus, if you build your application using Ably's React SDK and other React ecosystem tools such as Next.js you’ll be eligible for the React challenge bonus prizes.

Judges will be announced soon. For the Realtime Dashboard category, judging will explore the usefulness, data source, and the data visualization of the application. For Collaboration Experiences, judging will explore the usefulness of the application, use of Ably collaboration features, and the overall functionality.

Each of the two category’s top winning projects receives $5,000 USD, a virtual meeting with Ably team leaders, blog post featuring your project and a swag bag. A full breakdown of the prizes on offer is listed here.

Submissions via DevPost will need to include a short video to demonstrate submissions and a URL to either a functional demo app or public code repository.

We’ve collated some helpful resources to get you started building including sample code, example pages, and our docs. We’ll also be hosting regular office hours in our Discord throughout the hackathon period.

The hackathon is now open and running at ably.devpost.com.

Taking part? Share your projects on social media with us by tagging us @ablyrealtime and using the hashtag #AblyRealtimeHackathon.

Happy Hacking!

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