2 min readUpdated May 5, 2023

The state of edge messaging infrastructure

The state of edge messaging infrastructure
Jennifer ChaneyJennifer Chaney

When it comes to the apps we rely on everyday for chatting with family, checking how close our delivery is, and collaborating with colleagues in a shared whiteboard, we expect seamless realtime experiences without delays or downtime.

Ably surveyed over 500 engineering leaders about the challenges of building realtime edge messaging infrastructure in-house to power these shared live experiences. We gained first-hand insight into the number of developers needed, time to market, cost, and scale issues when it comes to building edge messaging infrastructure in-house versus outsourcing to a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution provider, such as Ably.

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We understand first-hand the time, cost, and sheer effort it takes to build edge messaging infrastructure in-house. Before launching in 2016, our co-founders invested more than 50,000 engineering hours in dependable edge messaging infrastructure so developers don’t have to. Six years on we’ve seen the pains of more than 500 companies across 80 countries who embarked upon the DIY edge messaging journey themselves before finding Ably. We want more people to know that there are better options out there.

So before you begin building or scaling your own edge messaging infrastructure to power your live and collaborative applications, read our first-of-its-kind report into the state of edge messaging infrastructure and find out how a PaaS solution can benefit your business.

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