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  • Ably realtime platform now available as Heroku add-on

    By: Ashley Friedlein 1 min read

    Realtime data delivery platform Ably can now also be installed via Heroku’s cloud platform for managing apps.

    The Heroku cloud platform is a popular service for developers to deploy and run apps. Add-ons are fully-managed services, integrated for use with Heroku, and can be provisioned and scaled in one command.

    Ably is pleased to announce that the Ably realtime platform is now available in Heroku’s ‘Messaging and Queuing’ category as an Add-on for all regions and can be installed via Heroku.

    Ably now available via Heroku

    If you want to learn more about Ably read more of our blog, check out our product pages, or get in touch.