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Jul, 2022

The WebSocket Handbook

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Discover the technology underpinning the realtime web and build your first web app powered by WebSockets

Designed to be event-driven, and optimized for minimum overhead and low latency, WebSockets have become a preferred choice for many organizations and developers seeking to build interactive, realtime digital experiences that provide delightful user experiences.

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  • Explore the core building blocks of the WebSocket technology, its characteristics, and its advantages.

  • Build your first realtime web app with WebSockets.

  • Discover the benefits of event-driven architectures with WebSockets.

  • (NEW) Learn all you need to know about building scalable systems with WebSockets. Bonus - a WebSockets at scale checklist, so you never lose track of key aspects.

Ably has been super reliable, a part of our stack I know I can depend on. It copes easily with big loads generated by multiple presentations happening simultaneously across the globe. We don't have to worry about stability, even when we get huge traffic spikes. Ably is a key partner for us, one that we refer to as 'Enably' because it allows us to innovate at pace to elevate our core proposition.

Johan Bengtsson
CTO, Mentimeter

Companies building on Ably

  1. Powers live chat, updates, analytics, and composition for millions of users.

  2. Powers realtime analysis of feature impact on business, product, and operational metrics.

  3. Realtime patient engagement and care scheduling for 60k+ patients/day.