How to describe Ably

Ably is the platform that powers synchronized digital experiences in realtime.

Our everyday digital experiences are in the midst of a realtime revolution. Whether attending an event in a virtual venue, receiving realtime financial information, or monitoring live car performance data – consumers simply expect realtime digital experiences as standard. As a result, synchronized data in realtime is business critical for many organizations. But building homegrown realtime synchronization capabilities is complex and costly. Ably simplifies this.

Ably provides a suite of APIs to build, extend, and deliver powerful digital experiences in realtime for more than 250 million devices across 80 countries each month. Organizations like Bloomberg, HubSpot, Verizon, and Hopin depend on Ably’s platform to offload the growing complexity of business-critical realtime data synchronization at global scale.

In the same way that content delivery networks simplify and underpin large parts of the internet, Ably is the invisible platform and infrastructure layer powering the realtime revolution on a global scale. As the de facto platform for developers at organizations of all sizes, Ably is on track to reach one billion devices per month by 2023.

Using Ably, organizations build powerful realtime digital experiences with feature-complete pub/sub messaging that is guaranteed to deliver and automatically translates between multiple open protocols, plus additional features like device presence, stream history, and automatic stream resume. There’s no infrastructure to provision or manage - just simple, yet powerful and versatile, SDKs and APIs.

It's easy to extend applications and stay interoperable with baked-in support for plugins and integrations that transparently and securely connect to the cloud services organisations are already building with. Ably's suite of managed integrations enable organizations to deploy best-in-class tooling across their entire stack and build event-driven applications using the ecosystems they’re invested in.

Delivering at scale is a given with Ably's fault-tolerant, highly-elastic, highly-available infrastructure and a global edge network engineered to deliver predictable performance at scale that is distributed across 15+ core routing data centers and 205+ Edge Acceleration PoPs. Organizations can scale effortlessly with low complexity and zero DevOps overhead. Since its inception in 2016, Ably has guaranteed delivery of more than 6 trillion messages.

With 25+ SDKs and native support for more multiple realtime protocols, getting started for any use case is fast and simple. Our free plan includes three million messages per month and up to 100 peak connections and channels - enough for any curious developer to get started with Ably.

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