Ably Launches Next.js Starter Kit on Vercel Templates Marketplace

LONDON, Feb. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ably, a Realtime Experience Platform, today announced it has launched a Next.js Starter Kit on the Vercel Templates Marketplace. The prebuilt template helps front-end developers quickly build Next.js applications that include realtime digital experiences, such as multiplayer collaboration, live chat, data synchronization, data broadcast, and notifications.

Next.js is a flexible React-based JavaScript framework created by Vercel that allows front-end developers to build fast and user-friendly web applications. With Ably’s starter kit, developers can enhance their Next.js applications by adding realtime features that users demand.

Ably provides reliable infrastructure at scale and the APIs to deliver these shared and collaborative experiences. The Ably platform enables developers at thousands of companies to easily integrate customizable realtime experiences into their applications with guaranteed performance, without managing or provisioning complex infrastructure themselves.

“The launch of our Next.js Starter Kit on the Vercel Templates Marketplace demonstrates our ongoing commitment to empowering developers,” said Matthew O’Riordan, CEO, Ably. “By providing Next.js developers with a prebuilt template, we’re making it easier for them to bring their apps to life with amazing realtime interactive and collaborative experiences while freeing them from the burden of infrastructure management.”

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial to build a realtime chat app with Ably and Next.js.

In addition to the release of the Next.js Starter Kit, Ably has made its platform even more accessible for developers to build applications with realtime experiences. Recently, Ably became available on the Netlify Integrations Hub, making it simple for Netlify developers to add realtime functionality to their web applications. Ably has also announced the availability of its Ably Terraform Provider, enabling developers to programmatically manage their Ably infrastructure as code.

Try Ably for free to start building better, more dependable realtime apps with your favorite technology.

About Ably
Ably Realtime Experience Infrastructure powers the table stakes interactive experiences users crave, including multiplayer, chat, data sync, broadcast, and notifications. With just a few lines of code and no complex infrastructure to manage, Ably’s Realtime Experience Infrastructure, APIs, and SDKs let organizations create and deliver the rich experiences users demand at unlimited scale and with unrivaled dependability. Top brands like HubSpot, Toyota, Webflow, and more than 500 other companies trust Ably to power live and collaborative experiences for hundreds of millions of simultaneously connected devices worldwide.

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