Ably Announces HashiCorp Terraform Provider to Power Realtime Infrastructure Management

LONDON, Jan. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ably, a Realtime Experience Platform delivering high reliability at massive scale, today announced the Ably Terraform provider. Developed in partnership with HashiCorp, the new Terraform provider gives access to Ably APIs that make it easier for developers to provision, manage and test realtime architectures using infrastructure as code (IaC).

Ably’s Realtime Experience infrastructure powers the table stakes interactive experiences users crave, such as multiplayer, chat, data sync, broadcast and notification. Without managing or provisioning complex infrastructure, the Ably platform enables developers at thousands of companies to easily add these shared and collaborative experiences to applications at Internet scale with unrivaled dependability.

Using the Ably Terraform provider, developers can automate manual and repetitive operations such as creating, configuring or deleting Ably apps; enumerating queues; creating rules; and carrying out other tasks that take a great deal of time. They can also implement multi-tenancy solutions for customers and create and easily replicate configuration-driven environments. Once they create these environments, they can test them using the Ably Control API.

“As more companies deliver realtime applications to meet today’s demand for instant digital experiences, it has become increasingly important to integrate the management of realtime infrastructure into IaC tools,” said Matthew O’Riordan, CEO, Ably. “Our integration with HashiCorp Terraform lets developers provision and manage Ably programmatically, freeing them from slow and cumbersome manual tasks so they can focus on building core functionality programmatically and speed time to market.”

Terraform is the most popular IaC tool that automates the provisioning and management workflow for infrastructure resources in any cloud. Click here for documentation on how Ably works with Terraform.

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About Ably
Ably Realtime Experience Infrastructure powers the table stakes interactive experiences users crave, including multiplayer, chat, data sync, broadcast and notifications. With just a few lines of code and no complex infrastructure to manage, Ably’s Realtime Experience Infrastructure, APIs and SDKs let organizations create and deliver the rich experiences users demand at unlimited scale and with unrivaled dependability. Top brands like HubSpot, Toyota, Webflow and more than 500 other companies trust Ably to power live and collaborative experiences for hundreds of millions of simultaneously connected devices worldwide.

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