Ably branding

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Ably visual brand guidelines

You can download all of Ably's visual assets from our Brandfolder

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Copy link to clipboardActive Orange - t,his is a 28º gradient consisting of:

  • Orange (bottom corner)

    • FF5416

    • R255 G84 B22

  • Red (top corner)

    • E40000

    • R228 G0 B0

The colour balance should be at least 75% Orange and 25% Red.

Copy link to clipboardAbly black:

  • 03020D

  • R3 G2 B13

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  • R255 G255 B255

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Our range of grey secondary colours help to create subtle backgrounds and feature illustrations. The brighter colours are used very sparingly, as data points on diagrams.

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  • 76767C

  • R118 G118 B124

Copy link to clipboardCharcoal grey:

  • 292831

  • R41 G40 B49

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  • R219 G219 B220

Copy link to clipboardLight grey:

  • F5F5F6

  • R245 G245 B246

Copy link to clipboardElectric cyan:

  • 4AF7FF

  • R74 G247 B255

Copy link to clipboardJazzy pink:

  • FF17D2

  • R255 G23 B210

Copy link to clipboardBright red:

  • FF2739

  • R255 G39 B57

Copy link to clipboardZingy green:

  • 08FF13

  • R8 G255 B19