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We believe the future is Open

Open source, open protocols and open standards are better for the industry and better for developers. Which is why, although Ably is a commercial organization, we’re fully committed to embracing and supporting the open movement.

Open Data Streaming Program (ODSP)

Ably’s ODSP gives developers access to free realtime data sources and allows them to share their realtime data with others. The API Streamer platform and the related Ably Hub are designed to enable easy distribution and consumption of realtime data, without the concerns of scalability, protocol interoperability, infrastructure provisioning and API management. People can easily host and publish realtime data streams to any number of subscribers - for free, subject to a fair-use policy.

The wider goal of the API Streamer platform is to catalyze the realtime revolution. The API Streamer has multiple realtime data sources from around the world including, financial information, live sports data, transport information, and news updates. With these - and more - opened up to the developer community, the potential for innovation is huge.

Developers wanting to bring their products to market have the option to host their streaming data products on Ably’s app-store-like platform, the Ably Hub, making their streams more discoverable and easy to consume.

Full details of the Open Data Streaming Program announcement is available on Ably’s blog. If you’ve got data that needs liberating, get in touch. To start consuming free open streaming data, head to the Ably Hub.

Open protocols

We believe that platform interoperability and open protocol support is better for our customers; because integration in simpler and technology lock-in is minimized.

That’s why we support open messaging protocols such as MQTT, SSE, and AMQP with our protocol adapters, and we provide connectors as part of our Integrations service to stream data into every imaginable open source or proprietary cloud based messaging and serverless platform.

Open source software

Ably relies on open source software to deliver our platform, and we make every effort to continuously contribute back to the wider realtime community.

All our client libraries are open source, and the Ably team continually contributes patches back to the software we use, and also maintains a number of projects.

Open standards

As the industry progresses with standards around how machines communicate with machines, the complexity for developers is reduced, and more innovation can emerge. We hope we can play an important role in helping the wider community meet these changing challenges. We’re an OpenAPI board member, and we’re official contributors to the upcoming AsyncAPI project. We’re also supporters and members of the Linux Foundation.