DevEdge Meet-Up #1

Join our Solutions Engineer, Nick Littman, as he discusses Presence and Its Architecture Patterns. Come to learn, ask questions and gain an edge on realtime data in motion.

Presence and Its Architecture Patterns

Ably is hosting its very first Developer's Edge (DevEdge) virtual meet-up on Tuesday, May 30th from 11-11:45am EST and we'd love for you to join us!

DevEdge meet-ups will be held monthly and will cover all topics that YOU, our users, want to learn more about. Our first topic will cover Presence and Its Architecture Patterns and will include:

  • Common Presence use cases

  • Using integrations to monitor Presence events

  • Common pitfalls when building with Presence (and when to use occupancy)

  • General Q&A for all things Presence

The format is casual and the DevEdge meet-ups are open to all. However, to get the most value from these sessions, we highly recommend creating a free account with us in order to easily build an app with realtime functionality for yourself and get a feel for the platform.

If you haven't already done so, create your free account today.

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