Room reactions

Users can send reactions to the entire chat room to show their sentiment as to what is happening. For example, agreeing with the content in a livestream using a thumbs up, or sending a heart when their team scores in a sports game.

Room reactions are ephemeral and not stored or aggregated by Ably. The intention being that they show the overall sentiment of a room at a point in time.

Subscribe to room reactions by registering a listener. These events are emitted whenever a user sends a reaction, such as by hitting a ‘like’ button or clicking a heart emoji.

Use the reactions.subscribe() method in a room to receive reactions:

const {unsubscribe} = room.reactions.subscribe((reaction) => { console.log(`Received a reaction of type ${reaction.type}, and metadata ${reaction.metadata}`); });

The following is the structure of a room reaction event:

{ "type": "like", "headers": {}, "metadata": { "fireworks" }, "clientId": "R3hegPCqgV3DZoMA2sCT-", "createdAt": "2024-06-12T11:37:59.988Z", "isSelf": true }

The following are the properties of a room reaction:

Property Description Type
type The type reaction of reaction, for example a ‘like’ or a heart emoji. String
headers Optional headers for adding additional information to a reaction. Object
metadata Optional metadata about the reaction, such as an animation or effect. This information is not read by Ably. Object
createdAt The time the reaction was sent. Date
clientId The client identifier of the user that sent the reaction. String
isSelf Will be true for the user that sent the reaction. Boolean

Unsubscribe from receiving room reactions to remove previously registered listeners.

Use the unsubscribe() function returned in the subscribe() response to remove a listener:

// Initial subscription const {unsubscribe} = room.reactions.subscribe((reaction) => { console.log(`Received a reaction of type ${reaction.type}, and metadata ${reaction.metadata}`); }); // To remove the listener unsubscribe();

Use the reactions.unsubscribeAll() method to remove all reaction listeners in a room:

await room.reactions.unsubscribeAll();

Use the reactions.send() method to send a room-level reaction. The most common way of using this method is to trigger it whenever a user clicks an emoji button in a room:

await room.reactions.send({type: "like"}); await room.reactions.send({type: "heart", metadata: {"effect": "fireworks"}});
Subscribe to room reactions