Component locking

Add component locking to specific parts of your app with this React starter-kit.

What is component locking?

What is component locking? Component locking can be a valuable tool for collaborative applications. A lock or similar icon Comment end displayed over a particular component signals to other members that they are currently being edited. Based on that information they can choose to wait or move onto another task.

What are live cursors

Reduce the chance of conflicts

Component locking provides much more than a visual cue. It helps reduce the instances where users accidentally overwrite each other's work, which needs to be consolidated in the backend.

Where to use component locking

Enabling users to lock the components they are editing can add value to a range of multiplayer collaboration experiences, especially when used in combination with other collaborative features.

Some example use cases include:

  • Project management
  • Chat
  • CRM
  • Slide decks
  • Spreadsheets
  • Collaborative forms
  • Whiteboards
  • CMS
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Where to use live cursors

Component locking best practices

Release locks if the user has left,

Release locks if the user has left

Make sure that components aren’t locked indefinitely. If a user forgets they have locked a field or their connection drops, tying the lock status to a member's online status will allow it to be released - the APIs in the Spaces SDK do this by default.

Lock expiration date,

Lock expiration date

Trigger a dialogue after a certain period of inactivity to check if the user is still there and working on the locked component. Lacking any response, the lock may be automatically released.

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