Ably Hub

The Ably Hub is a marketplace for open streaming data sources where developers can easily browse and subscribe to realtime data streams, often provided entirely for free.

Currently, the Ably Hub is home to data streams of varied categories, such as bitcoin pricing, weather data, news, tech updates, server stats, pubic transport updates, etc from many organizations.

Every data stream you wish to share, is wrapped up and packaged as a product you define in the API Streamer Producer dashboards. Products can optionally be listed and published on the Ably Hub – this is configured at the bottom of each product.

Once a data streaming product is listed and published on the Ably Hub, developers can find your data streams, read the documentation, and using our SDKs or many code examples, subscribe to your streams. Producers get to optionally choose if they want to manually enable each subscription, or let any subscriber access their streams. You can host your streams for free or charge your subscribers according to their usage.

Built on Ably’s API Streamer, producers who share their data, benefit from:

  • a single integration point
  • zero bandwidth and infrastructure costs
  • management tools and analytics to gain insight into who’s consuming which data
  • a future proof platform that offers open protocol support for pull subscription protocols like MQTT and SSE and push subscription protocols such as webhooks.

It’s quick and easy to start publishing your own realtime products into the Ably Hub

The free data on the Ably Hub is provided as part of Ably’s Open Data Streaming Program (ODSP). The ODSP is an initiative supported by Ably to ‘democratize’ access to realtime data and participation in the realtime data-sharing economy.

Organizations or developers who want to share open realtime data, can use the Ably Hub to host and distribute their data for free. This is on the basis that the data published is open and free for other developers to consume, in line with our fair use policy and the data’s usage licensing terms.

If have any questions about the Hub, we’re here to help, get in touch.

You are currently in the Ably Hub page of the API Streamer documentation. If you’d like to try out the API Streamer that is used to enable data streams on the Ably Hub, you can read more about:

What is Ably Hub?