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  • New Ably tutorials on presence and client/server authentication

    By: Kieran Kilbride-Singh 2 min read

    We’ve added three new tutorials to help you use some of the more popular Ably features:

    1. Presence Tutorial

    Presence enables clients to be aware of other clients that are currently “present” on a channel. Each member present on a channel has a self-assigned name — a “client ID” — along with an optional payload that can be used to describe the member’s status or attributes. Find out more about identified clients and authentication

    Presence allows you to quickly build apps such as chat rooms and multiplayer games by automatically keeping track of who is present in real time across any device.

    Screenshot from the presence tutorial

    2. Browser Client & Server Token Authentication Tutorial

    Ably supports two types of authentication schemes. Basic authentication uses one of your private API keys and is the simplest scheme designed for use by your servers. Token authentication is mostly used by your client-side device and browser clients whereby a short-lived secure token is issued to them from your servers.

    Screenshot from Ably Browser Client & Server Token Authentication Tutorial

    3. Mobile Client & Server Token Authentication Tutorial

    Most of our other tutorials demonstrate the use of the simple basic authentication scheme. In this tutorial we are focusing how you can use the recommended token authentication scheme for your un-trusted clients.

    Screenshot for Ably Mobile Client & Server Token Authentication Tutorial

    Hope you find these tutorials useful. If there are others you would like which we have not yet covered then get in contact.


    Kieran Kilbride-Singh

    Kieran Kilbride-Singh

    Product Marketer with enough technical knowledge to be dangerous in a GitHub repo. I've been in tech my entire professional life, first flexing my fingers on topics like IoT device interoperability.

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