Ably Feature Support Matrix

The following is an up-to-date list of all our major features across our various client library SDKs. We aim to maintain consistency throughout our client library SDKs but unforeseen engineering complexities sometimes mean new features roll out later for some client libraries than others.

Feature Added in version JS1 Java2 iOS3 .Net4 Ruby5 Flutter Go Python PHP6
Pub/Sub 0.8
Presence 0.8
History 0.8
Stats 0.8
Push Notifications target 1.1
Transient Publishing 1.1
Reconnect on failed auth 1.1
Custom transportParams 0.8
Message Delta Compression 1.2
Channel Publish 0.8
History 0.8
Presence (get state) 0.8
Ably token generation 0.8
Stats 0.8
Push Notifications Admin 1.1
Remember fallback host during failures 1.1
Ably token generation 0.8
Symmetric encryption 0.8
MsgPack binary protocol 0.8
JWT auth 1.1
fromEncoded function 1.1
Message extras 1.1
ErrorInfo URLs to help debug issues 1.1

[1] "JS" includes JavaScript, Node.js, Cordova/ Phonegap, NativeScript and ReactNative

[2] "Java" includes Java, Android, Scala and Clojure

[3] "iOS" includes Cocoa, Objective-C, Swift, macOS and tvOS

[4] ".NET" includes .Net, Mono, Unity and Xamarin + Xamarin.Forms

[5] "Ruby" includes Ruby and Ruby(REST only)

[6] "PHP" includes PHP and Laravel

If a feature you need isn’t currently supported in a client library SDK, please get in touch and we may consider prioritizing it for you!

Need help?

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