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REST Client Library API

Channel Status


Use cases

Having access to channel metadata can provide numerous benefits. In a scenario where the number of subscribers of a channel goes well beyond a hundred, usage of other options such as presence becomes less effective leading to an unexpected n-squared problem if all of the clients are subscribed to presence. You could instead make use of our channel metadata to check the number of active subscribers.

Equally, you may want to publish your data only if there is a subscriber for that data. The channel lifecycle events can notify you when a channel is opened, becomes active, or is no longer active thus giving your publisher clients an opportunity to know when the last subscriber leaves the channel.

If you need to be able to query channel metadata at any point, you can make use of the Channel Status API to inspect the state of individual channels, or enumerate all active channels in an app.


If you wish to see an example of how to use channel metadata, you can check out our Channel Lifecycle Events tutorial, Channel Occupancy Events tutorial, and the Channel Enumeration tutorial.

API Reference

View the Channel Status API Reference.

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