2 min readUpdated May 21, 2019

New Ably website: tutorials, examples, client libraries and more

New Ably website: tutorials, examples, client libraries and more

We’ve just relaunched the Ably website. Probably more exciting news for us than for you but the brief highlights are:

  • Tutorials: we’ve created a selection of tutorials demonstrating use of the Ably realtime library within client devices such as browsers, desktops or mobiles. We’ll be adding to this but the twelve we’ve started with cover a lot of core use cases.
  • Examples: this new section gives use cases, and example Ably customers, across a range of categories: chat and social media platforms; robotics and IoT remote control; audience engagement; sports betting and gambling; fleet management and realtime logistics; realtime realtime and e-commerce experiences; multiplayer gaming; elearning; realtime data dashboards.
  • How Ably compares to competitors: we try to be completely open, honest and transparent about how Ably compares to our competitors. You can now see more detailed comparisons between Ably and Pusher, PubNub and Realtime.co
  • Client libraries: as we now support third party protocols via our Ably protocol adaptors we have updated our client libraries download page to feature the full range of libraries we now support including gaming. MQTT is coming soon.
  • Features: you can now see the features of Ably but we’ve also made much clearer which of those features are *unique to Ably*
  • The whole site is now responsive so should look and work well on your mobile phone.

Hope you like it and we’re always keen to hear feedback.


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